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If you’ve heard about The Tao of Badass and you probably have, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this fabulous website, it may seem it’s a novel teaching guys how you can pick up chicks, receive a girlfriend or anything in those lines. And yes it is all about getting your hands on girs and dating but it’s and a book about teaching men how to become the best version of themselves. It shows you tips on how to gain confidence, the way to be a little more irresistible to women, tips on how to get connected to women and people in general. To conclude – how to improve every factor of your social life and grow a “badass” with females.

Are you struggling to receive women, or once you do finally catch someone’s attention you break down quickly so you’re noticed that you seem like you’re hopeless with regards to women?
You may be, however you can adjust that NOW.
Just like you, Joshua Pellicer struggled when it arrived at females and he got tired of it. Precisely what did he do? He tried everything; the online dating sites, the “Gurus”, the books, Internet tips, he asked friends for advice and almost many other methods. But did any kind of that really work? You know they don't, or we might 't be here right this moment.

Have you been the type of man who could offer a girl everything she could ever want and treat like her a princess then make her your queen? Of course you're! But all that's necessary, is some help with getting the lady you've always dreamed about AND keep her. Josh can tell you how, and he wants to function that.

ad _ Do you seem like one woman is not enough for you, well Josh did too and the man can provide the secrets concerning how to date multiple woman concurrently and SUCCEED at that! That is correct, he is able to provides you with the secrets concerning how to make the many girls you will date okay by it. How? Read on and you should hear!

The very first major tip that Josh provides, is that you need to have that “nothing to lose mentality” because really, you commenced out alone anyway when you finish that you started in the dating game, you didn't really lose anything more. The 1st step!
Josh also recognizes that the “Gurus” don’t work, as they knows a number of of which. The few he knew asked him for help! What exactly does that say? They’re phonies, that’s what!

If you want serious and legitimate help, then Josh will be the guy in your case.

So, you’re probably wondering what Josh could have possibly completed to get where he or she is now within the dating scene.
He wanted the techniques that will work, and ways in which found numerous. They didn't work all the time, as with any technique, nevertheless the more knowledge you have, right?
By tearing apart multiple techniques he finally found the “Secret Formula” and that he started seeing a massive improvement within the attention from woman he received!
Would like to know the achievements? Read on!

After he found the “Secret Formula”, Josh started reading standing on the psychology of attraction and practiced for six nights 7 days on random women to find out what can work and an amount not.
He risked getting slapped, yelled at and beaten up by bigger men so he could finally perfect a perfect way to receive girls. All for his fellow mankind, plus himself!

Josh surely could target the exact moment where the attraction went wrong and the man took note, ths issue was that many guy is progressing exactly the same pick-up technique, but different versions of the usb ports, that will not work! It never did!

Josh has brought up what he did for the Today Show, a piece done about him on Current TV, hosted his very own Sirius Radio show, interviewed by multiple newspapers such as Nyc Times, and was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live!

His book, “The Tao of Badass”, can be your treatment for stop doing everything wrong with woman and begin doing things RIGHT to help you to finally find your future wife!

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